I started working with John as my trainer since 2009. I had no muscle, was out of shape around the waist, and was 39 years old and about 160lbs. Through these years I learned a great deal about bodybuilding and nutrition. I would lean out for the warmer weather and bulk up in the colder weather. My body adapted to this schedule.

I was able to lift heavier and as a result, this sculpted my body into gaining about 30 pounds of muscle while retaining my waist size. I am now about 200lbs., muscular and every summer I have the upper four pack of abs.

John was always accommodating if I needed to change my workout schedule or if I texted questions like “Is this ok to eat?” etc. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and my hour workouts are never the dull, boring workout I could do alone at a gym.

If you want to get healthier, lean out, body build or need help with an injury, I would highly recommend John to help you reach whatever goals you have.