I first met John in 2008 after years of consistently fruitless attempts to better my fitness level.

John is an not only a trained fitness professional with numerous levels of expertise in personal training & nutrition, but is also an approachable, good-hearted human being, on a personal level, on top of being a skillful listener.

My goals were not only weight loss & a nutritional plan, but most importantly, I wanted to fully grasp the keys to longevity, which is exactly what happened!

I met with John 3 times/week in a highly fun & effective capacity, where through strength training, cardiovascular training & excellent nutrition, in the first 10 months, I lost 85 pounds!

John met me when I was feeling my worst, but before long, both a new body, and mind, stepped out of the original, & I’ve not looked back.
If you’re looking for something healthy to get addicted to, and reward yourself with an hour of time that’s finally all yours, well you’ve found it! This will be the best phone call you’ve ever made.