Muscular Gain

Photos of my trainee Peter Antolis. From his Instagram: “My 5 month BodyBuilding challenge-Done! Commemorating my 30 year anniversary of my 1st competition in April ‘91. Here is ‘Then & Now’”

Performance + Aesthetics

There are many of us out there who would like to have a more muscular body. The right combination of training, nutrition and rest play a vital role in the battle to add muscle to the body.

Some people can gain muscle more easily than others due to varying body types and nutritional needs, with that in mind, the battle can be a tough one. Many factors such as proper exercise choices, frequency, rep ranges, and a multitude of other things need to be just right to be successful. Our workout trainer at J Hale Fitness can tailor a program for each individual person so they will have safe and effective muscle gains.

You will work with an experienced, educated and fun workout trainer. This, combined with your commitment to muscle gain, will yield fast and noticeable results.

Whether your needs are for performance or aesthetics, your personal trainer at J Hale Fitness can help.